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Recent Work
  • Goneril in "A Fool's Lear" at IRT - January 2019

  • Actress for Columbia University MFA program 2018-2019- Willy Loman ("Death of a Salesman"); Golde in "Fiddler/The Daughters"; Rivka in Danielle Feder's "RUINS"; Judge in Brecht's "The Exception and The Rule"; multiple roles in Caryl Churchill's "Seven Jewish Children-a play for Gaza"

  • Readings/Workshops

    • "Goldfish" (Cindy) by Richard Ploetz, for EAT New Work Series, October 

    • Theresa in JStephen Brantley's "The Emilies" for Brooklyn Kid Productions at IRT 

    • "The Secret Lives of the Sexists" (Zena Grossfinger) by Charles Ludlum for TOSOS

    • "Bar Dykes" (Lorraine) TOSOS

    • "VICE" (Laura Bush) by Ed Valentine

  • Voice-Over (Woody) for #TestingMoms

  • September 2019 at Theatre for a New City: "Dining with Ploetz" - (Cindy in "Goldfish" & Helen in "Memory Like a Pale Green Clock")

  • Readings/Workshops

    • ​"Sincerely Held Beliefs" by Bambi Everson, for Emerging Artist Theatre's New Work Series
    • "Harmony's Audition" by Robin Rice, for The Harlem Camerata

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